Square Plastic Buckets

Material Motion carries a large selection of square plastic buckets, square buckets with lids and square pails.

Our square plastic buckets stack and palletize easily for shipping or storage.

  • FDA approved for food storage.

ImageSkuCapacityDiameter TopDiameter BottomHeight 
D030-2 Square BucketD030-23L195mm173mm120mm 
D030-2 Square BucketD035-13.5L150mm160mm208mm 
D030-2 Square BucketD035-23.5L185mm175mm170mm 
D035-3 Square BucketD035-33.5L214mm172mm185mm 
D050-1 Square BucketD050-15L270mm183mm218mm 
D050-2 Square BucketD050-25L172mm150mm208mm 
D060-3 Square BucketD060-36L250mm206mm220mm 
D090-2 Square BucketD090-29L220mm193mm252mm 
D120 Square BucketD12012L232mm203mm280mm 
D165 Square BucketD16516.5L250mm223mm320mm 
D180-1 Square BucketD180-118L265mm235mm348mm 
D180-2 Square BucketD180-218L255mm230mm342mm 
D200 Square BucketD20020L265mm235mm350mm 
D200-7 Square BucketD200-720L377mm247mm284mm 
D200-7 Square BucketD21021L388mm305mm308mm 
D200-7 Square BucketF10010L315mm245mm222mm 

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