Meat Trays

Sku Title
A001 Small Cut Tray 158 mm x 133 mm x 40 mm
A002 Medium Cut Tray 188 mm x 138 mm x 35 mm
A003 Large Cut Tray 208 mm x 146 mm x 40 mm
A004 Thick Cut Tray 200 mm x 144 mm x 40 mm
A005 Thin Wide Tray 190 mm x 136 mm x 30 mm
A006 Deep Tub Style Tray 190 mm x 140 mm x 70 mm
A007 Oval Shaped Deep Tray 0 mm x 0 mm x 0 mm
A008 Oval Shaped Medium Depth 180 mm x 114 mm x 40 mm
A011 Oval Shaped Shallow Tray 180 mm x 118 mm x 30 mm
A025 Rectangular Tray 220 mm x 128 mm x 58 mm
A028 Thin Cuts Tray 220 mm x 132 mm x 38 mm
A029 Extra Wide Thin Cuts Tray 218 mm x 165 mm x 30 mm

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