Pleated Filters

Pleated dust filter bags are made of polyester spun bond material. The pleats greatly increase the filter surface area allowing for lower air to cloth ratios in the same space.

Available in thin and long lengths or short and fat with lengths to 96”. Pleated filter bags are normally manufactured in the same diameter as the bag that they replace.

  • Working continuous temperature: < 248 °F
  • Peak temperature: 302 °F

Thin Pleated Filter Bags vs Fat Pleated Filter Bags

Thin Pleated Filters Fat Pleated Filters
Diameter ≤160 mm max 350 mm
Length 1-2 m 0.66 m
Amount of Pleats ~45 pleats 120-350 pleats
Pleat Depth Shallow Deep
Pleat Gap Large Small
Pleat Angle Bigger Smaller
Filter Area (Compare with same size filter bag) 2-5 times 14-35 times
Dust concentration =≥15 g/m ≤5 g/m
Air to Cloth Ratios 0.6 - 1.2 m/min <0.6 m/min
Dust Cleaning Easy Difficult
Other Can replace same size filter bag and cage For applications with limited space

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