PET Plastic Cold Cups

Our PET plastic cold cups are eco friendly, odorless, highly transparent, beautiful and in compliance with the requirements of food and beverage containers.

Our PET plastic cups offer superior presentation containers for beer, cold coffee, juice, and cold drinks.

To match up with the cups we provide a variety of transparent yet durable flat lids and dome lids, either with round holes, semi-punched, or cross holes for the use of various straws.

Highly transparent plastic

Impact resistant

Round, semi-punched, or cross holes

Durable and crack resistant

Custom printed plastic cups up to 9 colors

Flat and dome lids available

PET Plastic Cold Cups
PET Plastic Cold Cups
PET Plastic Cold Cups

Custom Printed Plastic Cups

Custom printing is available up to 9 colors on our PET plastic cups. Display your brand just supply your own artwork or contact our art department.

What is the Difference between PET and PP Containers?

The clarity of PET is the better than that of PP plastic cups. Food service businesses choose the translucence of PET over the hazier PP plastic for their drink cups.

The fill temperature of PP plastic containers is higher than PET containers. The fill temperature for PET containers is up to 160°F, while the fill temperature for PP containers is up to 176°F. The heat resistance (outside heat) is better in PP containers, while the cold resistance (outside cold) is better in PET containers than in PP containers

Sustainable Plastic for Food Service Industry

Material Motion, Inc. is a global supplier of eco friendly and sustainable restaurant products and supplies. If you are interested in other PET plastic products available from Material Motion, Inc., request a quote or check at our other plastic containers and lids.

Image Sku Title Capacity Diameter Top Diameter Bottom Case
JB05 JB05 74mm 45mm 1,000
JB06 JB06 74mm 45mm 1,000
JB07 JB07 74mm 45mm 1,000
JB08 JB08 78mm 47mm 1,000
JB09 JB09 78mm 48mm 1,000
JB10A JB10A 85mm 50mm 1,000
JB10B JB10B 78mm 50mm 1,000
JB12A JB12A 85mm 52mm 1,000
JB12C JB12C 92mm 57mm 1,000
JB12D JB12D 90mm 57mm 1,000
JB14 JB14 98mm 55mm 1,000
JB15 JB15 90mm 57mm 1,000
JB16A JB16A 100mm 62mm 1,000
JB16B JB16B 98mm 62mm 1,000
JB20 JB20 98mm 58mm 1,000
JB24 JB24 98mm 60mm 1,000

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