PET Ice Cream Cups

These beautifully designed, highly transparent ice-cream cups are well suited for all kinds of ice creams.

Most faithfully reflecting the quality and color of the ice-cream makes it very popular among customers. Each cup is equipped with a flat lid or a dome lid. One-color to nine-color logos and texts are printable upon customer’s request.



Retain temperature, prevent leaks and of course display’s your product in a beautiful way.

PET Ice Cream Cups
Image Sku Title Capacity Diameter Top Diameter Bottom Case
JI07 JI07 92mm 54mm 1,000
JI07B JI07B 95mm 59mm 1,000
JI08 JI08 95mm 59mm 1,000
JI08B JI08B 92mm 59mm 1,000
JI09 JI09 92mm 55mm 1,000
JI09B JI09B 85mm 49mm 1,000
JI10 JI10 95mm 42mm 1,000
JI12 JI12 98mm 63mm 1,000

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