Liquid Filter Bags

Material Motion, Inc. offers a complete line of filter bags for liquid filtration. We carry a large inventory of filter bags that fit industry standard housings but we can custom manufacture filter bags to your specifications.


Paints and Solvents • Process Water Filtration • Lubricants and Coolants
Hydraulic Fluids • Groundwater Remediation • Industrial Waste Water

Monofilament Mesh Filter Bags

Monofilament mesh is a strong material that can, in some cases, be washed and reused. These filter bags have precise weaving to ensure consistent pore size.

  • Micron Ratings: to 1200 microns
  • Materials: Nylon
  • Steel or plastic ring

Multifilament Mesh Filter Bags

Multifilament mesh is a cost effective and disposable alternative to monofilament bags. Multifilament mesh bags use a multi-strand weave for a narrow range of micron ratings.

  • Micron Ratings: from 75 to 1500 microns
  • Materials: Polyester and nylon
  • Steel or plastic ring

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