PET Portion/Tasting Cups

These portion cups, specially manufactured for top-grade restaurants, can be used as containers for all kinds of sauces and condiments.


Flat lid and dome lid are available upon request

Image Sku Title Capacity Diameter Top Diameter Bottom Case
jp4 JP2 JP2 62mm 2,500
jp3.25 JP3.25 JP3.25 74mm 2,500
jp4 JP4 JP4 74mm 2,500
jt09 JT0.9 JT0.9 45mm 31mm 5,000
jt1 JT01 JT01 45mm 31mm 5,000
jt2 JT02 JT02 52mm 34mm 2,500
jt3 JT03 JT03 62mm 39mm 2,500
PP.75 PP.75 PP.75 45mm 2,500
PP1 PP1 PP1 45mm 2,500
PP1.5 PP1.5 PP1.5 62mm 2,500
PP2.5 PP2.5 PP2.5 62mm 2,500
PP3.25 PP3.25 PP3.25 74mm 2,500
pp4 PP4 PP4 74mm 2,500

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