Poly Valve Bags

Material Motion’s custom made poly valve bags have a self closing valve, through which the bag is filled.

These poly bags have an inner self-closing flap that functions as a check valve after filling. Our poly valve bags are available with plain valve or extended inner sleeves of paper or film. If an extended “tuck-in sleeve” is used, the sleeve is manually folded down and back into the pocket under the sleeve for positive closure against sifting.

Valve Bag can be used for: rice bags, flour bags, cement bags, fertilizer bags, jute bags, food bags, chemical bags, jumbo bags, feed bags and salt.

Superior film strength means less loss

Weather resistant film allows products to be stored outdoors

No-leak valve keeps warehouse shelves and floors clean

Plastic film resists bug and pest infestation

Excellent palletization, 3 pallets high or more (no stretch wrap required)

Top Valve Bag

Top Valve Bag

Poly Valve Bags

Open Mouth

Poly Valve Bags

Side Valve Bag

Poly Valve Bags

Multi-Layer Coil Roll

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