Multiwall Paper Bags

Multiwall Paper Bags or sacks are ideal for shipping aggregates, sand, cement or other fine granular products.  We can customize these bags to your specific filling and shipping needs.

Combine our multiwall paper bags with several different substrates and layers to produce a custom bag to fit your specific needs. Our multi-wall paper bags come in sizes ranging from 1 to 100 pounds. Plain paper bags are available, and printed bags come in up to nine colors.

For paper valve bags in particular, we offer many options:

  • Tuck in Sleeve
  • Double Trap
  • Poly Lock
  • Paper Tube
  • Sonic Seal

Looking for multiwall paper valve bags in other materials? Click here for Material Motion’s line of Poly Valve Bags.

Common Uses

  • Building materials such as cement or sand
  • Food products such as flour or pet food
  • Seeds and Grains
  • Chemicals such as fertilizers or resins

Paper Bag Options

We offer various bag styles for every filling need:


Open Mouth Bags

Open Mouth Multiwall Bags are closed on one side of the tube.

Pinch Bottom Open Mouth Bags (PBOM)

PBOM bags are a good solution for products of varying density. They can be sealed with sewing or hot-melt to create a superior barrier and sift-proof closure.

  • Excellent sealing properties
  • Variety of barrier options
  • Optimal palletization
  • Attractive bag shape
Paper Bag Pinch Bottom Open Mouth style

Sewn Open Mouth Bags (SOM)

SOM bags are sewn closed. SOM bags are ideal for dry products that do not require barrier protection and can be made to be opened using only a single cord for easy access.

  • Optimal palletization
  • Self-supporting for display
  • Reliable hygienic closure techniques
  • Meets various filling prerequisites
Sewn Open Mouth Paper Bags

Pasted Valve Bags (PVSE)

Pasted paper valve bags are cost effective and offer high filling speeds, fast air evacuation, sift resistance and optimized palletization. They are a great solution for free-flowing powders or granular products on spout packers.

  • High Speed Filling
  • Flexible Closure Options
  • Optimal Palletization
Multiwall Pasted Valve Bags

Self Opening Satchel (SOS)

Self Opening Satchel bags are flat-bottom, gusseted bags that stand up making them ideal for filling and displays.

  • Full surface print of bottom
  • Suitable for all fill and seal machines
Multiwall Paper Bag - Self Opening Satchel Style
multiwall paper bags factory

Distribution Network

Along with our extensive distribution network and our commitment to quality, our multi wall bag factory is also fully vertically integrated. The forests, pulp mill, paper mill and converting area are all owned and operated by the same company. This allows our customers to have consistent paper quality, a steady price that is NOT tied to global prices and a steady supply. Unlike most companies Material Motion never has to worry about tightening supplies of top grade paper or the rising costs

Multiwall Paper Bags Factory

  • 20 million bags per month
  • Fully integrated production and own forestry base
  • One of the top 3 manufacturers of Kraft paper and the main exporter of industrial bags in Brazil
  • Fully integrated W&H production lines from printing, tubing, bottoming, and packing.
  • Food grade certified raw material and FSC (Forest Stewardship) certification

Custom Printed Bags

  • Material Motion offers custom printing on all of our multiwall paper bags. We have an in-house graphic design staff to help you promote your brand or product.

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