Pressed Pulp Molded Trays

Our molded pulp trays are both recyclable and compostable and available in a range of sizes for various product packaging.

Material Motion’s auto fiber/pulp molding machines/plant use direct-hot-pressing technology to produce molded fibre/pulp products, such as paper meat trays, clamshells, medical disposables, cosmetic packages, wall flats/tiles, table-ware, lunch boxes, industrial packages, cell phone trays, electronic device packages, seedling cups, paper/pulp shoe trees, plates, caps and masks, simply through replacement of molds/toolings. The finished goods are anti static, non-toxic, shock absorbent water proof, oil/thermal resist, have smooth surface, no distortion and variation in shape & size.

The raw material can be straw pulps (such as reed pulp, rice straw pulp and bagasse pulp), bamboo pulp, wood pulp, palm fibre, coconut fibre and waste paper/carton board.

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