Plastic Buckets

Plastic pails and buckets available in a large variety of sizes and shapes. Custom printing on polypropylene buckets and pails is available for branding and product information.
Custom printing on polypropylene buckets and pails is available for branding and product information.
  • FDA approved for food storage.

ImageSkuCapacityDiameter TopDiameter BottomHeight 
A020 Pail for PaintA0202L144mm130mm150mm 
A030 Pail for PaintA0303L164mm142mm175mm 
A038-1 Pail for PaintA038-13.8L173mm158mm200mm 
A038-2 Pail for PaintA038-23.8L173mm158mm20mm 
A048 Pail for PaintA0484L190mm170mm172mm 
A050 Pail for PaintA0505L196mm180mm205mm 
A060 Pail for PaintA0606L193mm170mm228mm 
A080 Pail for PaintA0808L238mm216mm247mm 
A100 Pail for PaintA10010L253mm230mm268mm 
A140 Pail for PaintA14014L265mm240mm314mm 
A170 Pail for PaintA17017L283mm255mm336mm 
A180 Pail for PaintA18018L300mm275mm300mm 
A190 Pail for PaintA19019L290mm260mm358mm 
A195 Pail for PaintA19519.5L315mm272mm348mm 
A200 Pail for PaintA20020L295mm260mm375mm 
A220 Pail for PaintA22022L300mm270mm370mm 
A240 Pail for PaintA24024L305mm265mm400mm 
A250 Pail for PaintA25025L316mm287mm382mm 
B160 Pail for PaintB16016L300mm255mm290mm 
B175 Pail for PaintB17517.5L280mm250mm290mm 
B180 Pail for PaintB18018L300mm267mm307mm 
B181 Pail for PaintB18118L282mm255mm338mm 
B185 Pail for PaintB18518.5L290mm258mm338mm 
B190 Pail for PaintB19019L285mm260mm360mm 
B220 Pail for PaintB22022L305mm270mm364mm 
B230 Pail for PaintB23023L300mm268mm368mm 
B250 Pail for PaintB25025L320mm290mm380mm 
B250-2 Pail for PaintB250-225L320mm290mm405mm 
B250-2 Pail for PaintD030-13L168mm158mm228mm 
B250-2 Pail for PaintD040-14L185mm158mm203mm 
B250-2 Pail for PaintD060-16L182mm182mm230mm 
B250-2 Pail for PaintD060-26L182mm182mm230mm 
E008 Pail for PaintE0080.8L115mm93mm123mm 
E040 Pail for PaintE0404L210mm195mm155mm 
E050 Pail for PaintE0505L196mm180mm205mm 
E050 Pail for PaintE0858.5L243mm210mm250mm 
E100 Pail for PaintE10010L253mm230mm268mm 
E170 Pail for PaintE17017L280mm250mm335mm 
E190 Pail for PaintE19019L280mm255mm365mm 
E220 Pail for PaintE22022L300mm270mm270mm 
E220 Pail for PaintF0555.5L250mm190mm180mm 
E220 Pail for PaintF18018L360mm275mm260mm 
E220 Pail for PaintF20018L375mm290mm285mm 

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