Plastic Drums

Material Motion offers a selection of Plastic drums, plastic barrels, and blue barrels for solid or liquid filling. Ideal for transporting and storage.

Plastic drums, Plastic Barrels, and Blue Barrels

Drums, and barrels for use with solid or liquid filling.

ImageSkuCapacityDiameter TopDiameter BottomHeight 
H100 Plastic DrumH10010L225mm190mm300mm 
H100 Plastic DrumH100-110L210mm210mm315mm 
H100 Plastic DrumH150-215L250mm205mm350mm 
H100 Plastic DrumH150-315L285mm285mm255mm 
H100 Plastic DrumH150-415L280mm240mm310mm 
H180 Plastic DrumH18018L285mm285mm310mm 
H180 Plastic DrumH200-120L265mm240mm385mm 
H200-2 Plastic DrumH200-220L255mm255mm350mm 
H200-3 Plastic DrumH200-320L285mm285mm330mm 
H250-1 Plastic DrumH250-125L300mm265mm395mm 
H250-1 Plastic DrumH250-225L285mm285mm400mm 
H280 Plastic DrumH28028L295mm265mm395mm 
H280 Plastic DrumH30030L228mm315mm450mm 
H280 Plastic DrumH300-330L325mm290mm405mm 
H300-4 Plastic DrumH300-430L300mm300mm430mm 
H300-4 Plastic DrumH300-730L268mm340mm455mm 
H300-4 Plastic DrumH300-830L265mm335mm420mm 
H500 Plastic DrumH50050L380mm228mm565mm 
H500 Plastic DrumH500-150L155mm365mm465mm 
H500 Plastic DrumH500-350L228mm390mm580mm 

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