Plastic Jars

Material Motion offers a large selection of plastic jars for cosmetic, pharmacy, chemical, and food sectors.

Our square plastic buckets stack and palletize easily for shipping or storage.

  • FDA approved for food storage.

ImageSkuCapacityDiameter TopDiameter BottomHeight
H0025-4 Plastic JarH0025-40.25L65mm68mm80mm
H0025-4 Plastic JarH005-30.5L44mm65mm125mm
H0025-4 Plastic JarH005-40.5L25mm60mm195mm
H0025-4 Plastic JarH005-50.5L33mm71mm180mm
H0025-4 Plastic JarH005-80.5L80mm85mm100mm
H0025-4 Plastic JarH008-20.8L55mm75mm160mm
H0025-4 Plastic JarH008-30.85L45mm65mm125mm
H008-4 Plastic JarH008-40.8L32mm90mm190mm
H009 Plastic JarH0091L95mm95mm140mm
H009 Plastic JarH010-11L45mm85mm170mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH010-21L32mm90mm230mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH010-31L33mm87mm220mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH010-41L25mm80mm235mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH010-51L33mm90mm205mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH010-61L30mm77mm270mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH0121.2L55mm80mm210mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH020-12L32mm100mm290mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH020-22L110mm120mm175mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH025-12.5L110mm125mm190mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH025-22.5L102mm132mm195mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH025-32.5L110mm132mm188mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH030-12.5L102mm145mm202mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH030-23L110mm145mm202mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH030-33L110mm145mm202mm
H010-2 Plastic JarH030-43L90mm150mm200mm
H030-5 Plastic JarH030-53L105mm145mm250mm
H038 Plastic JarH0383.8L32mm145mm280mm
H038 Plastic JarH0455L120mm155mm220mm

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