We’re Deep into Buckets and Pails…Come Along With Us!

Are you into buckets too? Buckets and pails are the ultimate practical and inexpensive packaging solution. Polypropylene (PP) and HDPE buckets have long-lasting functionality and are easy to transport, available in food and non-food grades, durable, and designed to withstand plenty of hard knocks. Plus, they are friendly to the environment, recyclable, and sustainable.

Buckets lend themselves to colorful labeling that not only highlights your brand but can tell a detailed story of how to use the product as well as any other statutory requirements about your product. Available in a wide variety of sizes and styles and a rainbow of colors, air-tight seal or plain lids, round, square, plastic or wire handles – we have a bucket for your industrial or commercial application.

We can work with you on a custom quotation to match your application requirements. Contact your Material Motion Sales Representative or [email protected] and we’ll get started!

Buckets and Pails