Bagasse is All the Rage…but what is it?

Also raging is how to pronounce “bagasse!” For those of you who are wondering, it’s ba·gasse/bəˈɡas/ With that out of the way, let’s talk about Material Motion’s line of eco-friendly and biodegradable Bagasse Foodservice products.

Bagasse Products

Made from what is a waste product of sugar cane production, bagasse is the fibrous stalk and pulp after the juice is extracted from the cane. Originally it was used as a biofuel and incinerated or simply discarded. This residue is now recovered and used to form paper and board and molded into a variety of sustainable products including plates, bowls, cups, trays, and other food service products for takeaway and delivery. Bagasse cups are sturdier than paper and microwavable for 2-3 minutes, FDA compliant, and gluten-free. Plates and bowls are soak proof, sturdy, water repellent, and completely biodegradable and compostable.

During these times when dining-in options are limited, bagasse products provide a perfect earth-friendly option. An added advantage is that when we get back to our normal eating out routines, it will still be a good idea to include Material Motion’s bagasse product line in your supply chain. Connect with us at to see our entire line of products. Follow up with a call or email to your sales representative or complete the “Contact Us” link on our website!