Ever Thought of COLORED Bulk Bag Loops?

Whether you’re building a new bulk bag specification with us or simply updating and reviewing specifications for your next order, have you ever thought of how colored loops can help your operations teams?

If you use multiple sizes and styles of bulk bags, colored loops provide an immediate and visual prompt, and a confirming second eye to pallet labeling under a shipping cover. An incorrectly pulled pallet at your load station can result in unnecessary efficiency losses, especially in high-speed fill environments.

On a busy loading dock, whether shipping filled orders to your customers by flatbed, dry van or LTL carrier, colored bulk bags loops can be another simple, visual check for the load-out team. Plus, at a customer location where your repeat orders are off-loaded, color adds to the efficiency of pallet movements to customer warehouse storage racks and in customer production spaces.

Colored loops are a simple, low-cost option to consider and adds a value-added design enhancement to your bulk packaging!

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Ever Thought of COLORED Bulk Bag Loops?