Bagasse Boxes

Our eco-friendly bagasse boxes are made from sugarcane plant fiber. Boxes made of bagasse are a renewable alternative to those made from plastic or paper.

Bagasse Boxes

Bagasse is a by-product of sugar production. Bagasse is the fiber that remains after extraction of juice from sugarcane. The remaining fiber is pressed into forms in a high-heat, high-pressure process using considerably less energy compared with pulping wood for paper products.

Since it is a waste by-product, it does not require additional cultivation lands and has no impact on the area of forests. Bagasse products are biodegradable in commercial compost facilities for up to 90 days. These 100% compostable bowls will degrade back to organic compost material and can then be used for fertilizer.

Food trays made from bagasse are thicker and more rigid than traditional paper or plastic boxes. They have ideal thermal properties for hot, wet or oily foods. You can even microwave them for 2-3 minutes.

Microwave safe and freezable, can be used for both hot and cold items

Soak proof

Requires no plastic or wax lining

Sturdy and not very flexible

Suitable for temperatures from -25°C to 220°C

Water repellent and oil resistant tableware

Completely biodegradable & compostable(ASTM D-6400)

Our bagasse boxes meet FDA standards for food contact and are gluten-free. These trays are made from the wheat stalks and not from the food grain which stores the proteins and allergens.

Sustainable Tableware Supplier

Material Motion, Inc. is a global supplier of eco friendly and sustainable restaurant products and supplies. Replace your business’s plastic and styrofoam packaging with these eco-friendly bagasse products.

Image Sku Title Size Weight Pack Case
B001 600ml Bagasse Box 271mm x 182mm x 64mm 18g 50 1,000
B002 1000ml Two Compartment Bagasse Box 330mm x 239mm x 64mm 30g 50 500
B003 450ml Bagasse Hamburger Box 305mm x 150mm x 84mm 20g 50 1,000
B004 450ml Bagasse Box 247mm x 174mm x 49mm 16g 50 1,000
B025 9" Large Bagasse Box 465mm x 238mm x 85mm 56g 50 200
B026 8" Large Bagasse Box 430mm x 200mm x 67mm 40g 50 300
B027 10" Three Compartment Bagasse Box 455mm x 248mm x 90mm 58g 50 250
B028 8" Three Compartment Bagasse Box 430mm x 200mm x 67mm 38g 50 300
B029 9"×6"×3" Bagasse Box 228.60mm x 152.40mm x 76.20mm 28g 125 250