Bulk Bag Liners

Polyethylene liners that fit to the shape of your FIBC Bulk Bag, including inlet and outlet spouts. Improve bulk bag filling and discharging of your product.

Bulk Bag Liners

Form fittings liners for FIBC Bags, IBCs, Gaylord Boxes, etc., constructed from a variety of films including; LLPE, LLDPE, ULDPE, PE/NYLON/EVOH/PE, PE/FOIL/PE, PE/METALOCENE/PE and other barrier films. Bulk bag liners with thickness' from 1 to 6 mil (up to 150 micron), in single ply or two ply for dry or liquid materials.


Dry Bag Liners

Dry bulk bag liners can come in a variety of styles and are great for bulk bags, drums, boxes, and containers.

Liquid Bag Liners

Pillow-style and form fit liquid liners with multiple layers for added strength and protection. Our many valve-fitment options can make the filling and discharging processes quick and easier than ever.

Bag Liner Styles

Gusseted/ Tubular-Style Liners

For improved protection, these basic liners are an economical way of preventing contamination and product loss. Liners can also come tabbed which allow you to attach them to their outer container.

Form-Fit Bag Liners

Form-fit liners are custom-made to fit snugly to the interior of a container. In doing so the liners fits firmly to the outer structure. This minimizes creases and folds where product can be trapped which will improve the ability to move product in and out of the bag.

Air-Assist Bag Liners

Air-assist liners make the storage and handling of more viscous products much easier, and ensure less residual product is left inside the bag.

Conductive Bag Liners

For electrostatic applications, these liners are vital for safely transporting materials susceptible to static build-up.

Liner Barrier Options

  • Co-Extruded
  • Laminated
  • Foil