What are FIBC Bulk Bags?

Flexible Intermediate Bulk Containers (FIBCs) are made of woven polypropylene with lifting straps that allow the container to be filled from top and discharged from the bottom.

FIBC Bulk Bags are suitable for the transport of:

  • Chemicals
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Fertilizers
  • Food Products
  • Grains and Seeds
  • Construction Materials such as sand or gravel
  • Plastics

Material Motion offers:

  • ISO-281898 Standard for Non-Hazardous Duty FIBCs
  • Hazardous Duty FIBCs: UN Model Regulations & DOT 49 CFR
  • Food Grade FIBCs: BRC, HAACP, GMP, Certified Clean Room
  • IEC 61340 Standard for Electrostatic Hazardous Duty FIBCs

Our FIBC bags can be manufactured to meet your specific requirements. The height, diameter, and length of the container and spouts, coated or uncoated fabric, and whether a polyethylene liner is necessary will be specified according to the type of product that will be shipped.

We also produce bulk bag liners for ensuring protection of your product. Our bag liners are available in a variety of types and styles.

What Bulk Bag Type is Best for Your Application?

4 Panel Bags

A 4-Panel bulk bag is constructed from 4 separate fabric panels which are stitched together at the edges forming a box. A separate sheet of fabric is used to make the square bottom of the bag.

4 Panel Bulk Bag

U Panel Bags

U-panel bulk bags consist of a large “U” piece of fabric with 2 side panels sewn to each of the opposite sides. The U-panel bags will maintain a square shape when filled, especially a U-panel bag with baffles. U-panel bags offer high safe working loads (SWLs) and solid durability.

U Panel Bulk Bag

Circular, Seamless, or Tube Bags

These seamless bulk bags are a good alternative to 4 panel bags. They are made from fabric woven on a circular loom and cut to a specified bag height. This eliminates the need for vertical seems. The tubular body design is ideal as a linerless option for fine and hygroscopic materials. They are circular in name only and will take a regular “square” shape when filled with product.

Circular Bulk Bag

Baffled Bags

Baffled bulk bags are typically a 4-Panel or U-Panel bags that employ internal fabric baffles to improve the bag’s squareness and stability. These bags are designed to maximize storage and shipping space.

Baffled Bulk Bag

FIBC Options

UN Certified FIBC Bags

UN certified bulk bags are specifically designed to transport and store hazardous materials. When hazardous products are shipped in FIBCs, the UN mark for the product is printed on the container body.

Food Grade Bags

FIBC bulk bags that are made for contact with food and food related products and manufactured in BRC and AIB certified facilities. BRC and AIB certified bulk bags are manufactured from 100% virgin polypropylene resin, which meets FDA food grade requirements. Our food grade bags can also be supplied with LDPE/LLDPE inner liners approved by the pharmaceutical and food industries.

Electrostatic properties

  • Type A Bag: no special electrostatic safety features
  • Type B Bag: Type B bags are not capable of generating propagating brush discharges. The wall of this FIBC exhibits a breakdown voltage of 4 kilovolts or less.
  • Type C Bag: Conductive FIBC. Constructed from electrically conductive fabric, designed to control electrostatic charges by grounding. A standard fabric used contains conductive threads or tape.
  • Type D Bag: Anti-static FIBCs, essentially refers to those bags which have anti-static or static dissipative properties without the requirement of grounding.

Lifting and Discharging Options

Bulk bags can be loaded by forklift on pallets or via lifting loops. Material Motion offers a wide variety of bulk bag lifting loops for any application. For emptying, Material Motion offers many discharge spout options or the bags can be simply cut open.

Funnel Bottom Bulk Bags

Funnel bottom bulk bags have many different types of design, but all have the same principal; to allow non- free flowing product to exit the bulk bag during discharge. Bottom has funnel discharge spout to release contents.

Squeeze Bags

Squeeze Bags are designed for transporting up to 3,000 lbs. of liquid and viscous materials.

Bag Recycling

Material Motion, Inc. is committed to renewable shipping solutions. Many of our bulk bags can be recycled into other products once they have reached their life cycle.

Using Bulk Bags for Flood Barriers

Flood Barriers can be built using bulk bags instead of smaller sandbags. Material Motion offers a flood barrier solution based on the bulk bag concept. To learn more about Material Motion’s flood containment solution called Dam-Bag, click here.

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Bulk Bag Quote

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