PET Cold Cups

Eco-friendly, odorless, highly transparent, beautiful and in compliance with the requirements of food and beverage containers, this series can be used as containers for beer, cold coffee, juice, and cold drinks.

PET Cold Cups

To match up with the cups we provide a variety of transparent yet durable flat lids and dome lids, either with round holes, semi-punched, or cross holes for the use of various straws.

One to nine color printing for logos and texts are available.

Up to 9 color printing for unlimited custom fonts and logos

Flat and dome lids

Round, semi-punched, or cross holes

Image Sku Title Capacity Material Diameter Top Diameter Bottom Case
JB05 JB05 PET 74 mm 45 mm 1,000
JB06 JB06 PET 74 mm 45 mm 1,000
JB07 JB07 PET 74 mm 45 mm 1,000
JB08 JB08 PET 78 mm 47 mm 1,000
JB09 JB09 PET 78 mm 48 mm 1,000
JB10A JB10A PET 85 mm 50 mm 1,000
JB10B JB10B PET 78 mm 50 mm 1,000
JB12A JB12A PET 85 mm 52 mm 1,000
JB12C JB12C PET 92 mm 57 mm 1,000
JB12D JB12D PET 90 mm 57 mm 1,000
JB14 JB14 PET 98 mm 55 mm 1,000
JB15 JB15 PET 90 mm 57 mm 1,000
JB16A JB16A PET 100 mm 62 mm 1,000
JB16B JB16B PET 98 mm 62 mm 1,000
JB20 JB20 PET 98 mm 58 mm 1,000
JB24 JB24 PET 98 mm 60 mm 1,000