Paper Cups/Hot & Cold

Our Hot and Cold paper cups are the industry standard in serving water, coffee, soft drinks, iced tea, and other drinks to customers in casual sit-down and take-out restaurants.

Paper Cups/Hot & Cold

Each paper cup we offer is made to hold everything from a few ounces to several pints of your customers’ favorite beverages so they can enjoy a refreshment with their food. From cold/hot paper cups with basic coloring to custom branded products, you’re sure to find a cup that suits your style preference.

We offer cold and hot paper cups that are made with black, blue, green, and other colored exteriors to best fit the decor and personality of your business. In addition, there are several dozen paper cups that are environmentally-friendly so you can reduce your business’s carbon footprint. Whether you want a solid color product to create a sleek, uniform appearance or wild designs that are sure to attract customer attention, we have the perfect paper cold cup for your needs.

Image Sku Title Capacity Diameter Top Diameter Bottom Case
product.title CP002 4oz Hot Coffee Cup 63mm 46mm 1,000
product.title PC001 3oz Coffee Cup 56mm 39mm 1,000
product.title PC003 6oz Paper Cup With Handle 73mm 50mm 2,000
product.title PC004 8oz Hot Coffee Cup 80mm 56mm 1,000
product.title PC005 10oz Hot Coffee Cup 90mm 64mm 1,000
product.title PC006 12oz Hot Coffee Cup 90mm 60mm 1,000
product.title PC007 16oz Hot Coffee Cup 90mm 60mm 1,000
product.title PC008 20oz Hot Coffee Cup 90mm 63mm 1,000
product.title PCC09 PCC09 75mm 52mm 1,000
product.title PCC12 PCC12 80mm 52mm 1,000
product.title PCC16 PCC16 90mm 58mm 1,000
product.title PCC21 PCC21 90mm 63mm 1,000
product.title PCC22 PCC22 90mm 60mm 1,000
product.title PCC32 PCC32 105mm 71mm 1,000