Bagasse Bowls & Plates

Our plant fiber based plate are made from sugarcane (bagasse). Sugarcane is not only annually renewable resources, but can also be turned into products normally made from plastic or paper. 

Bagasse Bowls & Plates

Bagasse is the sugarcane fiber remaining after extraction of juice from sugarcane and the wheatstraw is the remaining plant material after the wheat grain and chaff have been extracted. We use these byproducts to make compostable tableware.

Microwave and freezer safe, can be used for both hot and cold items

Soak proof

Have no plastic or wax lining

Handle hot liquids up to 200°F

Fully compostable, sturdy and strong

Meet ASTM D-6400 standard for compostability

Our products meet FDA standards for food contact and are Gluten-Free. They are made from the wheat stalks and not from the food grain which stores the proteins and allergens.

Image Sku Title Capacity Material Diameter Top Diameter Bottom Case
L001 500ml Bowl (17oz) Bagasse 155 mm 600
L003 340ml Bowl (12oz) Bagasse 152 mm 1,000
L006 680ml Bowl (23oz) Bagasse 189 mm 1,200
L010 460ml Bowl (16oz) Bagasse 160 mm 1,200
L026 350ml Bowl (12oz) Bagasse 135 mm 900
L044 400ml Bowl (14oz) Bagasse 178 mm 1,200
L045 350ml Bowl (12oz) Bagasse 135 mm 900
P001 6 inch Plate Bagasse 155 mm 1,800
P002 7 inch Plate Bagasse 184 mm 1,600
P003 8 inch Plate Bagasse 210 mm 1,200
P005 10 inch Plate Bagasse 261 mm 800
P007 10 inch Three Compartments Plate Bagasse 261 mm 800
P009 Oval Plate Bagasse 233 mm 800
P011 7 inch Australia Plate Bagasse 230 mm 800
P012 9 inch Three Compartments Plate Bagasse 235 mm 500
P013 9 Inch plate Australia Plate Bagasse 230 mm 800
P020 Ellipse Plate Bagasse 263 mm 800
P030 Large Oval Plate Bagasse 318 mm 500