Baby Food Pouches

Flexible baby food pouches are perfect for healthy snacking and baby food formulas. Preserve freshness and taste.

Baby Food Pouches

The packaging is created by combining a unique blend of PET and Aluminum which creates a super flexible yet durable option for baby food.

Different size fitments for different functions

Non-Choke cap

Customizable barrier properties to meet your product’s needs

Environmentally friendly with reduced carbon footprint

Edges are safe for 4 mos. +

Shape allows for easy gripping

Moisture proof

100% Customizable


Keep it fresh

All baby food pouches are recloseable options for consumer convenience. They are also moisture sealed to keep your product fresh.


Fits your needs

Die cut shapes and handles for shelf-appeal and enhanced consumer experience. These pouches can also always be customized with your companies colors and logos.


Consumer Safe

Tamper evident for consumer safety and BPA free and like all Material Motion products complies with all FDA/EU standards.