Dump&Stor™ Storage Bags

Reusable and Recyclable Foldable Storage Bags. A versatile alternative to rigid storage bins. Dump and Store is collapsible, stackable storage bag made of water and mildew resistant woven polypropylene.

The Dump&Stor™ Outdoor Bag is our most versatile storage solution yet. It is the perfect bag for all of your outdoor storage. It is made from high quality, high strength, water and mildew resistant woven polypropylene with reinforced steel rods to support the sides. Store lawn tools, firewood or pool equipment. Includes convenient straps to hawl yard waste, trash and debris. Store equipment such as lawnmowers, trimmers, etc. without having to worry about them being damaged by the elements. Because of Dump and Stor’s heavy-duty construction, you can fill it with leaves, trash, debris, firewood, etc. It can easily hold 500 lbs. and has lifting handles on opposite sides of the bag that allow you to easily lift and dump the contents. It also has two lifting straps that can be used by forklifts or cranes for more heavy loads. When not in use, the Dump and Stor Outdoor Bag collapses down for easy storage. Unlike rigid plastic storage bins that take up space even when empty, Cube Bags collapse down when not in use and fold away for easy storage. Rigid plastic storage containers also cannot be overstuffed. With Dump and Stor Cube Bags’ flexible design, you can overstuff the unit and the industrial grade zipper top will easily close.

Dump&Stor™ Storage Bags


The Dump&Stor® Outdoor Bag is our most versatile storage solution yet. It is the perfect bag for outdoor storage.

Dump&Stor™ Storage Bags


Dump&Stor® Cube Bags are a flexible alternative to rigid plastic storage containers.

Dump&Stor™ Storage Bags


The Dump&Stor® Dumpster Bag is a low cost, high quality, biodegradable, reusable, industrial-strength solution to handle waste and/or recyclables.

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