Collapsible Bins

These bins can be custom designed to meet any application from the replacement of plastic bins in the distribution chain to lined bins for liquid basins, the uses are endless.


This patented design is a great alternative to the large plastic bins currently used in the distribution chain. The plastic bins currently used can cost hundreds of dollars and weigh more than 100lbs. Our design is lightweight, collapsible, cost effective and customizable to any supply chain need. The DumpandStor units are fully collapsible and hundreds can be shipped on a trailer. The reduction in weight, the ability to ship more in a truck, the reduction in warehouse space, and the reduction in initial investment is a huge cost savings to the customer.


Dump and Stor is the perfect alternative to the rigid plastic bins that are currently used in the market. The rigid bins are bulky and when not in use take up precious space. Our flexible design eliminates this issue, when not being used simply collapse it down and store it out of sight. When rigid bins are overstuffed the lids bow out and wont close properly, with the flexible panels and zipper top of the DumpandStor unit overstuffing is not an issue, it will zip close regardless of how much you put in the bin. These bins are perfect for outside or inside needs and come in a multiple of sizes.

Waste Management

The Dump&Stor® Dumpster Bag is a low cost, high quality, biodegradable, reusable, industrial-strength solution to handle waste and/or recyclables. Great for municipalities, construction sites or stadiums. It has a load capacity of as much as 3,000 lbs but when not in use, it folds down to a 38"x38"x4" package.

The Dump&Stor® is the most durable and versatile bag in the world for construction, commercial use, residential use, natural disasters (FEMA), recreation and recycling facilities. Dump and Stor is made of a water and mildew resistant woven polypropylene fabric.

The light-weight material, coupled with durability and strength, allow you to load as much as 3,000 lbs. of waste yet still be able to move and position the empty bag wherever needed.

The ability to fold the bag into a 38"x38"’x4" package when not in use allows for quick and easy transport and storage. Dump and Stor is a class 5 recyclable product allowing you to capture green initiatives and benefits. The bag's cost allows you to have a cost-efficient way to handle waste when compared to rigid metal or plastic dumpsters.

Dump and Stor features three different methods of removal when the bag is ready to be dumped to include dump forks, lift straps and drag straps.

Custom printing is available so you can add your municipality, company or team logo

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